Developmental Disability Services

Individuals of All Ages with Special Needs

Individuals of all abilities thrive in homes in which they feel safe, loved, and independent. We understand that providing ongoing care for a special-needs person is challenging. Family members must have time to attend to their own needs in order to be good caregivers themselves. We provide hourly in-home services for clients who deal with all manner of issues, such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cognitive disabilities, and autism.

A personalized care plan from All Embracing Home Care addresses the health and wellbeing of clients and their families. This plan will encourage the special needs individual to develop and retain life skills, while guaranteeing that their needs are safely met. Together, we will enable him/her to remain in familiar surroundings, loved and protected by you.


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Developmental Disabilities

Residential Habilitation
This service is made available to eligible individuals through the home and community based services waiver for the purpose of assisting the participant with acquiring, improving, and retaining skills in self-help, general household management, personal finance management, socialization and other adaptive areas, to enable the participant to reside as independently as possible in the community.
Independent Habilitation
Independent Habilitation services are formalized training and Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) provided to an individual on a regular, but not on a daily basis for fewer than 24-hours a day. This service is designed to assist with and develop self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills that improve the person’s ability to live independently and participate in an integrated community.
Day Habilitation
Our day habilitation services are designed to maximize a person’s independence in activities of daily living, personal health and socialization.
Vocational Rehabilitation
We offer services that are designed to facilitate the entrance into or return to work by people with disabilities or by people who have recently acquired an injury or disability. Some of these services include, training, upgrading of general skills, refresher courses, on-the-job training, career counseling, employment searches, and consulting with potential or existing employers for job accommodations and modification.
Home and Community Based Services Home

Our Home and Community Based Services Home is called, “A Week Away.” This is a three bedroom home that can be rented out and All Embracing Home Care can support them 24/7. Our goal is to help people live where they want to live, work where they want to work, participate in community activities when they want to. Give us a call for more information.

Situational Assessment
Family Support Services
Refers to services, supports, and other assistance, providing eligible families with members who have developmental disabilities. Services are designed to; strengthen the families’ role as primary caregiver; prevent inappropriate out-of-the-home placement of the members and maintain family unity, reunite families with members who have been placed out of the home whenever possible.
Individual Employment Supports
A plan which describes the nature and scope of rehabilitation, employment, and training services provided to an individual with a disability to help them reach his or her employment goals.
Extended Home Health Care Services
This service is made available through the home and community based services waiver to eligible participants living with a primary caregiver who have maximized the amount of services available under the state plan. This service is provided to assist the participant to remain in a family home setting for as long as possible.
Job Coaching
We specialize in assisting individuals with disabilities to learn and accurately carry out job duties. Job coaches provide one-on-one training tailored to the needs of the employee.
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